For Life threatening emergencies, call 911.

You should feel free to call anytime and ask questions about child-care or your child's health.  You will be called back by one of our nurses or a doctor.

Our pediatricians return calls at various times throughout the day in between the patients.  Please leave a number where we can reach you, in order to minimize the "phone tag" problem with the doctor.

Calls are prioritized in order of urgency but every attempt will be made to return your call before the end of the day.


Call our office number and listen to the message for what options are available. 

If you need to talk to the doctor on call immediately or it is after 9:00pm, select option 7 and we will be paged.  Be sure to leave your phone number slowly and clearly.

We always return phone calls.  If you are not called back within an hour, it is because there may have been some glitch.  The most common reason is that parents leave their work number by mistake or forget to leave a phone number at all, or it is just electronic neurotic quirks.  If you are not called within an hour, please call again.

Please call at any hour if your child is truly ill or you are frightened but please save routine calls for regular office hours.


Though we understand children can be frightening, emergency calls should be for true emergencies such as seizures, trauma, bleeding, difficulty breathing, etc.