If your child has not yet been diagnosed with an attention problem and you are concerned about it please print out the following forms and have the first parent and teacher forms completed for your initial consultation appointment.

     Vanderbilt Scale for Parent
     Vanderbilt Scale for Teacher

Children with ADD/ADHD require a doctor’s visit, at minimum, every six months.

Physical exams need to be scheduled in advance.  Because visits may be longer or more detailed to discuss progress and medications and school performance, there are a limited number of ADD/ADHD checkup slots and they do fill up quickly.  If your schedule is limited, calling two months in advance is strongly recommended.

Planning ahead for prescription refills by calling a week in advance is also recommended.  Prescriptions will not be refilled without a minimum three days notice.  This allows our doctor to review your child’s record and verify updated checkups.

If checkups are not done at the appropriate time, medications will not be refilled and you will be contacted to set up an appointment.
Please contact your insurance plan to learn of the particulars of coverage for these conditions.  They may not be covered when provided by our physicians.