As soon as your new baby is born, we ask you to come in 1-2 days after you are discharged from the hospital.  this is a well care visit though we call it a jaundice check because newborn jaundice tends to peak at 48-72 hours and most people are out of the hospital in 2 days.   

There are other reasons, however, for this visit   All newborns lose some weight after birth. We need to weigh the baby to make sure there is no excessive weight loss.  

Some heart murmurs are not audible for the first couple of days.   In addition, if you are breastfeeding, we can evaluate how things are going and make sure you are on track.   This is also a time when you can get some of your questions answered.  

It is important to have this visit and we always have room in our schedule for newborns. The best time to come in is early in the morning or right after lunch so there are not so many sick children in the office, even though we separate the well and sick children.   

Call the office as soon as you get home to make the first appointment.